Harøy Bogeskytarlag

Travel to Harøy

Car - Åndalsnes - Harøy


When arriving Åndalsnes, look for the sign for Ålesund. After ca 1t15m driving, drive to Brattvåg. This will go very good with a GPS. You can also use google maps to find the route. From Brattvåg you have to travel by ferry. Schedule (PDF). Follow the blue line in the map under..

Plane - Ålesund - Boat

Travel with the "Flybuss" from Aalesund air to "Skansekaia" in Aalesund centrum. If you have time, take a walkabout in the beautiful city! The boat "Tidelyn" leaves "Skansekaia" to Harøy. Schedule (PDF). Please note the boat have several stops, so check with the crew which stop you are suppose to disembark. Give us a hint so we can pick you while arriving Harøy.

Plane - Molde - Car


You can reach Harøya from Molde by driving to Hollingsholm and catch the ferry over to the island of Aukra. Schedule (PDF). From there you drive across the island of Aukra to the ferry stop called Småge. From Småge you catch the car ferry to Finnøy. At Finnøy you are 15 minutes from the bowshooting place at Røsok. Marked with blue in the map below. Schedule (PDF).


From Molde you can also drive another way; drive to Mordalsvågen where you catch the ferry over to Solholmen, from there it is a 35 minutes drive to the ferry stop Dryna, from there you can catch the ferry to Harøya. Marked with grey line below,  the one in the middle. Schedule (PDF).